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Female member benefits

1. Enjoy like a PrincessSay goodbye to stingy men.Male members have paid thousands of Hong Kong dollars on a regular basis. Compared with the groups who are reluctant to pay even a few hundred dollars a month, I believe you know how to choose. The date is not only generous, but also sincere and polite.
2. Extreme PivacyYour important information can be set to be viewed by the most exclusive male members only Your information will be encrypted and stored internally.
3. Life Planning CounselingMale members with rich social experience and network resources can serve as your life mentor and help you solve problems
4. Explore Your PassionsIt’s easy to chat up a match when you know you have something in common. Our platform lets you add people that you are interested in to your collection and connect with people who share your interests.
Still thinking?

Still thinking?

It only takes less than a minute to register, you can find high-quality objects for free and get a pleasant dating experience.

Male member benefits

1. Female Member VerificationWe have verification systems including age, voice verification and real-person verification from other male members. You can date verified female members at ease.
2. Extreme PivacyThe level of privacy is far beyond that of ordinary dating platforms, and only the female members you like can get your important information, and the security is excellent.
3. Quick DatingYou can get the contact of many female members in one click, different from normal dating app where
4. Endless PossibilitiesSome sites are designed for long-term relationships, but on our platform, we’re all about the experience and offer possibilities for whatever it is you’re looking for.

Member Reviews

呢度識既男仔同我在一般交友app識既男仔好唔同!質素高好多! 高好多既意思唔係淨係指經濟條件,而係識做人,易相處。 我試過去其他交友app,食餐飯要AA制,找錢幾蚊都追我拎返!



之前我只係一個資優生,書呆子。在Princess-dating識到男朋友後,我真正被開發。 懂得享受刺激和尋找人生樂趣,同時亦眼界大開。



在來princess-dating之前,玩的交友app大部份都是傳銷、保險妹,然後便沒有然後。在這裡只要成為尊貴會員,一鍵便可以立即獲得女會員聯絡方法,然後第二天便約會成功。 princess-dating教識我誠意和大方的重要性。



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